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Our History

Hubelo Finance knows the strategic driver is a defined user/ market class, therefore two strategic capabilities are required: (i) deep and actionable market/ user customer insights derived from best of breed research and, (ii) customer lock-on (when the customer wants the enterprise as their sole or first choice services/ products provider over time, or even over a lifetime).  The foundation for both capabilities will be the often used and even less understood word “innovation”. Hubelo Finance sees the innovation required to be implemented in the following areas: (i) Fast response rates, (ii) A distribution footprint which aligns to the market served, (iii) Application processing availability of 24 hours, (iv) The lowest interest rate within the same risk groups.


Our Vision

Hubelo Finance intends to provide financial wellness for the micro and very small enterprise market. Financial wellness is defined by Momentum/Unisa South African Household Net Wealth Index as the financial position where the business has reducing enterprise debt service costs and an increasingly stronger net asset balance sheet value. Our vision will be achieved by the three pillars of: (i) total price leadership, (ii) people who believe in the entrepreneur and (iii) performance focused culture.


Our Future

The Hubelo Finance strategy is total price leadership based on a focus on industry leading low operational cost. Hubelo Finance is a low cost operator in the financial products space where all operations will be conducted with the intent to minimise costs across lending products value system. Secondly, Hubelo Finance will prudently offer lending and related products (financial or otherwise), which are appropriate and relevant, at a low cost of acquisition and use. Customers are assisted to learn about products, to decide the most appropriate for their business, and the use of and review of effectiveness of their product choices.


Why Choose Us?

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Serious Savings

Hubelo Finance (Pty) Ltd  saves you time and money. We have reduced the total price you pay for a loan from us by doing things differently. We also save you time by reducing the time it takes from realising the needing more stock to the time you restock and are making money.


Best Interest Rates

We offer the lowest Interest rate for the micro business loan. The initiation price per loan is among the lowest in the industry. We do not force credit insurance on you, but we can provide cheap rates. The total price you pay for the loan ends up being the lowest.


Easy Process

We continue to reduce the time it takes to process your application. We promise to respond to your email or WhatsApp within 30 minutes during 08h00 – 18h00 Monday – Saturday. We give a decision within 60 minutes of starting a credit application

Meet Our Team

If you are facing any Financial problem then please contact us.

Mandla Nene

Chief Entrepreneur Advocate

Ephraim Maaga

Entrepreneur Value Deliverer

SN Mofokeng

Financial Manager

NN Khumalo

Operations and IT

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For Administrative matters contact – help@hubelofinance.co.za