Hubelo Finance (Pty) Ltd is providing the lowest total cost loans for the micro and very small enterprise market

Hubelo Finance has the lowest Annual Percentage Rate for loans in the market. This means our total price of: (i) interest, (ii) initiation and (iii) administration fees, is the lowest in the loan industry market.

We achieve this because of our strong focus on being the industry leader in low operational cost. We take out operational costs to provide the lowest priced loans for your growth.

Hubelo Finance understands that high cost of loans is reducing your and business ability to grow. High loan costs reduce working capital which reduces sales. High costs of loans also slows down the sales cycle through limited stock availability because you are short on cash.  In total these high repayment installments are a drain on the ability of the business to create profit and generate your sustainable and growing business.

Our industry leading lowest cost loan product gives financial control back to you the entrepreneur. Our product saves you money and time. It removes the stress of going short of work in progress stock at critical points in you sales cycle.  Our lowest cost loans shorten the time it takes from requiring funding to selling your product and increases profits.

Clients have grown their Sales

Lowest cost of loan saves you time and money. The money you save from our low priced loans gives you more money to buy inputs/ work in progress. This means more product available for sale and higher profits. Our lowest priced loans also means faster restocking because more money means quicker turnarounds

Easy & Secure Application Process

Start the Loan Request by filling in the “Contact me” email or sending WhatsApp to 071 729 5641. We will respond within 30 minutes during 08h00 – 18h00. Then with you we will start the Loan Application process. It will be a maximum of 60 minutes from start to finish. The process is Easy and Fast with minimum documentation required

Money in 12 Hr

After the loan application has been approved, we will send an sms informing you of the approval. We will then deposit the agreed loan amount into the business bank account nominated by yourself. The money will appear in the business account within 12 hours after loan approval

Online 24hr

Online process initiation 24/ 7 at your convenience. Use the Loan Request email or WhatsApp 071 729 5641. We will respond within 30 minutes between 08h00 – 18h00, Monday – Saturday. Loan Requests after 18h00 will be responded to by 08h30 the next working day

Working capital finance for your business

Working Capital finance

Portable  Office Equipment finance

30 day Business loan

  • Choose Payment Option
  • One Time Payment
  • Fees Concession

TOp Financial Advisers on Market

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Years of Experience

Have shown the South Africa’s retail banking climate is highly conservative. The result is financial products and services developed and targeted mainly to smaller firms in the later stages of development. It is no secret that the insignificant provision of Start-ups and Micro enterprises is based on structural factors in the SA financial industry.


Business Opportunities

Arise from the qualitative causes of the low access to finance bottleneck are – start-ups perceived as high risk, red tape, knowledge/skills gap among entrepreneurs, networks, corruption. Hubelo Finance (Pty) Ltd has the ability to overcome these issues to provide low cost working capital funding for the micro and very small enterprise market


24/7 Online Applications

The primary sales channel is a 24hr online application process with a 08h00 – 18h00 administration  centre for processing applications. The secondary sales channel will be roaming Sales Agents provided with hot leads of potential clients from Alliance and Network Partners.


Enterprise Builder Services

Our linked partner – Hubelo Consulting  builds the following entrepreneurial self-efficacy competencies: 1. Opportunity Recognition: the capacity to perceive changed conditions or overlooked possibilities in the environment that represent potential sources of profit or return to a venture. 2. Opportunity Assessment: ability to evaluate the content structure of opportunities to accurately determine their relative attractiveness. 3. Creative Problem Solving/Imaginativeness: the ability to relate previously unrelated objects or variables to produce novel and appropriate or useful outcomes. 4. Resource Leveraging: skills at accessing resources one does not necessarily own or control to accomplish business growth ends. 5. Value Creation: capabilities of developing new products, services, and/or business models that generate revenues exceeding their costs and produce sufficient user benefits to bring about a fair return. 6. Building and Using Networks: social interaction skills that enable an individual to establish, develop and maintain sets of relationships with others who assist them in advancing their work or career.

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